Drive Cleanup Wizard

Drive Cleanup Wizard 1.0

It allows you to search and permanently delete (wipe) temporary files

Drive Cleanup Wizard enables you to search and delete temporary Internet files, Windows temp files, and files contained in the Recycle bin. The program's wizard is easy to use, you just need to follow a few steps.

First, you need to choose the file types the program will search for: you can include/exclude temporary Internet files, Windows temp files, and Recycle bin files, and also include files with extensions .BAK, .~, and .TMP. You can also choose the hard disks the program will examine. The searching process may take some minutes, and after the program has finished, it will list the scan results and will give you two options for deleting files: the common deletion method used in the Windows Explorer to permanently delete files, or Wipe Files to remove files completely. The last option takes more time because it replaces each file with the hex code #00, and then deletes it so it can never be recovered.

Besides, you can set the program to delete the temporary files that have read-only attributes. You need administrator privileges in order to search temporary files left by other local users.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can search all your hard drives for temporary files
  • Files can be never recovered after wiping


  • The searching process may take some minutes
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